Make S'mores at YOLO's Fire Pit; Wash 'Em Down With a Hot Cider

Make S'mores at YOLO's Fire Pit; Wash 'Em Down With a Hot Cider

Winter is coming. Time to light that fireplace, pull out the knee-high boots, throw on your barely used ski gear, and get ready for the winter festivities to commence. Okay, it's not a real winter, but there is a slight change in the air. And that's all you're getting in South Florida.

To take advantage of the mildly chilly weather and, well, the existing outdoor fir -pits, YOLO will be hosting a weekly s'mores party to get locals in the winter spirit. Yes, s'mores are traditionally a summer camping dessert, but with our backwards seasons, fire and summer humidity are not exactly a winning combination.

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Starting this week, every Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m., YOLO will be holding its weekly s'mores hours. For $8 guests will able to make their own s'mores around the fire pit. Set up on a banquet table, there will be multiple options for graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows to make the perfect custom version of the tasty little marshmallow sandwiches.

Just want a nice winter drink? To complement the fireside treats, YOLO will be serving hot cocktails and beverages as well. Warm ciders and hot chocolates will be available as well as chilled s'mores martinis and the entire menu of specialty drinks. Unfortunately, the hot drinks will only be available with the s'mores nights--they are set up on the tables with special warmers.

While overall goal is to serve the s'mores every week, keep an eye out for weather and special events. Private parties have booked the fire pit area on certain nights. And the restaurant is aiming for ideal weather for the s'mores nights. According to Beverage Manager Tom Karl, "We're trying to do it every Thursday throughout the winter, but we're really aiming for weather in the low seventies or sixties."

Check the YOLO Facebook page for more information.


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