Make Your Own Free Custom Tic Tac Packs at Tortuga Music Festival

Are you the kind of person who likes variety? Did you ever buy a few packs of mints and mix them up into one bowl (you scoundrel)?

If you're that kind of "daring" person who can't choose between spearmint or peppermint because you want them both, check at the Tic Tac "My Pack Tour" station this weekend at the Tortuga Music Festival at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park.

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This special interactive station allows attendees to create special, customized packs of Tic Tacs -- and capture the moment at an on-site photo booth (because nothing really happened unless it's documented and shared on Facebook).

You'll be able to choose from 13 different flavors of those tiny little breath mints in flavors ranging from classic Freshmint and orange to exotic newbies like passion fruit, wild cherry, and dark strawberry. You can even customize the label before being presented with your very own Tic Tac pack.

If you're not going to Tortuga, you can still get in on the fun and create a virtual pack and share it on Twitter and Facebook by visiting tictacmypack.com. Sorry...real minty fresh mints are not yet available magically through the computer just yet.

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