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March Against Monsanto Benefit Show Tonight

Obviously, people are pretty pissed about the lack of labeling on Genetically Modified Foods--a.k.a GMOs or GE foods.

Since California's Proposition 37 failed last fall, anti-GMO groups across the country have rallied together to get labeling initiative put on state legislative agendas.

Some have held up better than others--Florida's House bill didn't even make it to its first committee.

Regardless, activists are forging along. In preparation for the global--yes, global--March Against Monsanto on May 25, local activists are holding a benefit tonight.

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The benefit will be taking place at 8 p.m. tonight (yes, Wednesday, May 8) at Churchill's Pub in Miami. The $5 entry fee will help activists raise funds for flyers, informational pamphlets, stickers, supplies, and permit costs for the May 25 march.

"This has just stemmed out from the anger for the Monsanto Protection Rider," said Trish Sheldon of the Broward-based GMO Free Florida, "It took Europe two weeks [to address GMOs]. People need to not be afraid to stand up.This is our food."

The event will feature two stages--one indoors, one out--with bands, DJs, informative talks, puppet shows--seriously--and body painting.

Master Feathers, Sonida Russia, and the Sandman will be performing on the outside party stage. Indoors it will be the Upton Downs; Magen Melancholy; Catacomb Crows; Tony Wylder; Trish Sheldon, State Organizer for GMO Free Florida; the Autonomous Playhouse, performing the puppet show; Jay Vic, Steve Grant, and Kevin Kage; the Vilifiers; Xela Zaid; Sharlyn Evertz; the Bearings.

There have been marches scheduled in 250 cities, spread through more than 30 countries across the world--ranging from India and Nigeria to Mobile, Alabama and New York--on May 25.

"It's moms and angry consumers who want to know what's in our food," said Sheldon, "If you're not going to stop it, at least label it. We have the right to know what's in our food."

So far over 1,100 individuals have RSVP'd for the March Against Monsanto Miami.

For more information about the March Against Monsanto visit For more about the Miami march, in particular, visit their Facebook event page.

Churchill's Pub is located at 5501 NE 2 Ave. in Miami. Call 305-757-1807, or visit

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