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Mario Batali, David Chang, and the Recipe Project's "Brains and Eggs" Song

I'm currently in mad love with the Recipe Project, the Brooklyn band One Ring Zero's collection of famous chef's recipes set to tunes. The book project started like this:

Michael Hearst and Joshua Camp, co-founders of the band One Ring Zero, decided to turn Chris Cosentino's recipe for Brains and Eggs into a song -- word for word, phrase for phrase, including "Remove the brains from the water with a perforated spoon and place on a plate." As if that wasn't tricky -- or bizarre -- enough, they asked Cosentino to recommend a music style. Beastie Boys, he replied. With an innocent grin... The result was a fast, raucous ode to white-boy hip-hop jams and edible offal that, not surprisingly, caused a fair degree of uncontrollable laughter in the studio.

Following the video, Cosentino called up his chef friends -- who include New York's David Chang and Tom Colicchio -- and the project was born. The CD/book combination from Black Balloon Publishing features elaborate drawings, muses, and an IPhone app that allows users to plug in five ingredients to come up with a "singable recipe."

Check out the Mario Batali recipe for spaghetti with 100 sweet tomatoes that's a hilarious and bizarre stoner's delight. Lucky for Floridians, tomato season will soon be upon us. 

The book is available at Amazon, of course, though surprisingly it's also in stock right near the door at the Fort Lauderdale's Barnes and Noble. 

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