Mark Militello Resurfaces Again in Deerfield at Cabo Blue

Chef Mark Militello, most recently of Trina in the Atlantic Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, is steering an upscale "authentic" Mexican (his descript) in Deerfield Beach.

He'll open Cabo Blue: a Grill and Tequila Bar within the next few weeks. It's on the property of the new Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort, though it's run independently.

"They decided to change the concept," is the reason he gives for leaving Trina less than a year after arriving from The Office in Delray Beach.

He declined to elaborate, but said Cabo Blue offers him a good opportunity to experiment with a few things, such as possibly a street-food cart.

The menu will not be Americanized Mexican, he says. "No burritos. There will be tons of tacos." A taco cart that will serve those outdoors walking to and from the pier next door is a concept he'd like to employ.

Militello, who once owned several restaurants bearing his first name, is looking at opening a Mark's in Delray Beach in the near future. "I want to get this one (Cabo Blue) on track first."

Cabo Blue is expected to open in February at the Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort, 2096 N.E. Second Ave., Deerfield Beach; phone and web site have not yet been set.


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