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Mary Burr of Burr's Berry Farm Knows Strawberries

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Burr's Berry Farm in the Redland has been cranking out some of South Florida's best strawberries since 1960 when Charles Raymond Burr "The Strawberry King" planted his first crop. Burr's Berry farm operates a fruit stand where you can buy fruits, vegetables, and the fine products made from them, fresh from the earth of Dade County. Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, touted as one of the best eateries in the country, buys  produce from Burr's Berry Farm via Meghan "The Forager" Tanner, who is an organics dealer. I rode with Meghan The Forager one day to see how she does what she does and Burr's Berry Farm was our first South Dade stop.

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Pictured above is Mary Burr, the strawberry queen. Here's what she had to say.

"I been here since 1936. My husband was born here, before there were roads here. The change here from agricultural to residential is wrong, it shouldnt've happened. Time marches on, and not always for the better. There's no substitute for good strawberries. They should've known that all along."
Mary Burr, the Strawberry Queen, of Burr's Berry Farm is a real cool Dade County farm lady. When I told her her strawberries were going to the kitchen of Michael's Genuine Food and Drink in the Design District she said "Well, he knows what good strawberries should be."

Burr's Berry Farm is located at 12741 SW 216 St. and is open between Christmas and Mother's Day. Click here for more information.

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