McDonald's Looking to Hire 50,000 New Employees, Brings Back Ronald McDonald

On April 19th, Mc Donald's is having a one-day hiring blitz. During that day, the fast food giant is looking to hire 50,000 full and part-time employees in almost 14,000 restaurants. People interested can apply at any McDonald's restaurant or online at www.McDonalds.com/careers.

Jan Fields, President of McDonald's USA said, "Our national hiring event is an opportunity to invte more people across the country to join our team, and learn that a McJob is one with career growth and endless possibilities". Fields should know all about career growth with the fast-food giant - she started her career as an entry-level worker at a McDonald's and worked her way all the way up the food chain, so to speak.

Speaking of long-time McDonald's employees, Ronald McDonald is back in a new commercial and is featured on McDonald's new kid-centric website happymeal.com. On the site, kids can customize a special video or take a photo with the burger clown.  Like most things with clowns, the site is a little creepy. And, did Ronald get a Brazilian Keratin treatment? Because his curly hair is replaced by a straight red comb over.

Here's Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald in a creepy McDonald's commercial from the 1960's.


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