McSorley's Beach Pub Celebrates Movember with the '80s Mustache Bash

Cancer is a terrible disease and as such, it must be fought tooth and nail on every front. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is immediately recognized with the world turning pink for the cause. There's the autism ribbon with its multi-colored jigsaw pattern - again, instantly recognizable. Men haven't always been the best at taking care of themselves. I'll be the first to admit a rather lackadaisical attitude towards my health and while I'm acquiescent to speak for everybody, we dudes do have the stigma of brushing health concerns off.

But what any man can get behind, is making something benign a bit raunchy - something serious humorous and if you can look like John Holmes before cardiorespiratory arrest and encephalitis due to AIDS consumed him, even better! Because men simply can't help it. Or would an Orange is the New Black reference be more appropriate?

Movember, "a portmanteau from the Australian-English diminutive word for moustache, 'mo', and 'November'" according to Wikipedia, has been actively encouraging men to take their health seriously by setting the month of November aside exclusively for moustache growing. The more outrageous the better.

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Growing a moustache for charity might seem a little weird, but with the movement getting bigger every year and with more corporate participations, Movember is poised to achieve a ranking status alongside other charitable movements. Some of the health issues that it has singled out for dudes to be aware of include prostate and testicular cancer and mental health issues like depression - a very real issue that most men would rather avoid than seek help for.

McSorley's Beach Pub, will be joining in the camaraderie of dudes letting their nose rugs run wild and will be hosting an "'80s Mustache Bash" sponsored by the Naked Turtle Rum Co. A brave and bold move on their behalf since pornstaches, wild and creepy in their own right, can clearly benefit from pairing with '80s fashions. Expect the type of fashion disasters that only dudes could muster when this party goes down; and there's some pun intended in there somewhere. Wink wink.

For the reverie, a $20 donation is expected and guests will enjoy complimentary Naked Turtle craft cocktails from 7 to 10 p.m., as well as a chance to compete for prizes for the best 'stache and and outfit. The bar muses the following: "After all, what goes better with a mustache than neon spandex?" A question will dismis,s for the image has already been burned into our minds. However, getting a bunch of guys to man up and start taking responsibility for their health is good enough for us as it will undoubtedly help early detection efforts exponentially.

Advance tickets can be purchased

The '80s Mustache Bash at 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 20 at McSorley's Beach Pub, 837 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale. Call 954-565-4446 or visit

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Abel Folgar