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Meals to Get Laid By

I just ran across a whole website devoted to great meals to seduce somebody with, And whaddaya know, there's a recipe for oyster po' boy sliders right on the first page (po' boys are also known as "the peacemaker," a factoid I'd never heard before. But makes sense, right? Who could carry on a heated argument with their mouth full?) Hilariously, I think, the recipe at seductionmeals makes 50 po'boy sliders as party food; I guess they have an orgy in mind here and they plan to invite LOTS of participants.

So that got me thinking about the meals I make, or fantasize about making, when I'm in the mood for love. I have in mind at the moment a free-form onion tart appetizer (sweet, savory, handmade, and baked, thus filling house with delicious aromas) and a leg of lamb (meat is the eternal aphrodisiac, but this has lots of finesse), ripped from the pages of Food & Wine a couple of months ago. I always do a green salad full of witchy herbs -- flowers and fennel, tarragon and clover, strange tastes my target can't quite identify exactly but which are guaranteed to interest, amuse, and inspire. And in the same mode, chocolate cookies made with black pepper for dessert. These are a secret weapon, because you take a bite, taste the rich dark chocolate, and then the black pepper rushes up from below about 10 seconds later. It's the weirdest sensation, and I haven't yet met the man or woman who wasn't completely enchanted by it.

So what's in your arsenal? Got a go-to meal or a recipe that never fails to move the heart of your beloved? I'd love to hear 'em.

**Note: I just noticed that we'd also listed in last week's blog watch, another site for the amorously inclined chef.

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