Meet Ron Jeremy Today at Crown Wine & Spirits

Fans of fine rum will want to make plans to come out to Crown Wine & Spirits for a meet and greet with the man known for his... ummmm...


... when Ron Jeremy hosts a special rum-tasting and bottle-signing today at

Crown Wine & Spirits

in Fort Lauderdale from 4 to 6 p.m.

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OK. OK. We know the deal. You're not flocking over to Crown today to ask the Hedgehog about his prowess with rum. You're there to see the legend. The man who was ranked the top porn star of all time by AVN Magazine. With more than 1,700 films under his "belt," that's a guy with "staying power." Plus, he's quite a character, so feel free to ask him anything -- but be prepared for the oh-so-politically-incorrect answer.

But back to the rum. Ron de Jeremy rums are surprisingly sophisticated sips. Made in Panama, the blended rum has been aged for seven years. With notes of fruit, oak, and vanilla, the rum, in the Hedgehog's own words, is "long and smooth" and "perfect naked." The spiced rum has more body than Captain Morgan and works well in cock... tails.

The rum makes a great addition to your bar. We recommend stocking up on some signed bottles as Christmas presents for your fraternity brothers. Here's Ron Jeremy covering "Wrecking Ball." Watch at your own peril:

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