Poptails are not for children.
Poptails are not for children.

Meet the Poptail: Alcoholic Popsicles!

The Endlesssimmer.com writers are genius. Many Floridians become functioning alcoholics during the summer months to avoid feeling the excruciating heat and humidity. A consistent buzz is a great way to pretend it's fall until fall actually arrives. 

The problem is that a regular cocktail won't suffice in the desert heat. We need something more.

And then comes our alcohol-infused superhero, the poptail.

The "poptail" is exactly what it sounds like: 

- the fruit juice
+ alcohol
= happiness. 

To get recipes for treats like Strawberry Peach Vodka Collins poptails or Honeydew Cucumber Margarita poptails, visit the poptails recipe article.

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