Melting Pot Fort Lauderdale Shutters Its Doors Due to Financial Reasons

As is the case with life, restaurants come into and exit this world every day of the week.

While they can depart for any number of reasons -- bad food, crappy service, terrible health department inspections -- chances are, it all comes down to financial terms.

Recently, Fort Lauderdale lost one long-term restaurant resident to such concerns. The Melting Pot has shuttered its doors.

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It looks like Fort Lauderdalians have tired of cooking their own food on date night. On Sunday, October 5, the Fort Lauderdale franchisee closed the restaurant for good. After nearly a decade in business, all 20 employees have been offered positions at nearby locations.

Whether it's a plethora of new restaurants in the area, the location itself, or that locals have tired of the gimmicky dining experience, the reason is uncertain. However, it seems that the concept is still doing quite well in the 'burbs.

While the Melting Pot is not sure what will come of the space that houses the eatery, it asserts that this closure is not affecting any of the other South Florida locations.

"The location of this particular restaurant was challenging, but overall South Florida is a strong market for the Melting Pot, and we are interested in bringing a new location to the Fort Lauderdale area in the future," says communication manager Alisha dos Santos.

For those still looking to get a fix of DIY chocolate-covered everything, the chain still has eateries in Cooper City, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, and Miami.


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