Michael Phelps, Apolo Ohno Plug Subway's Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt (Video)

Remember Subway? The fast-food chain made superfamous by that guy Jared who shed some serious poundage by eating a healthy, well-balanced diet composed of Subway sammies that contained lots of veggies?

Apparently, on the 15th anniversary of Jared Fogle's accomplishment, Subway decided to celebrate with the introduction of its Frito Chicken Enchilada Melt sandwich -- a sandwich that would surely have never helped Fogle reach his weight loss goal.

As the commercial actually says, "Wait a minute. The Fritos go on the sub?"

Why, yes. Yes, they do.

According to the company website, "Crunch into a pile of Fritos placed right on top of tender pulled chicken and authentic enchilada sauce for a new satisfyingly delicious bite of flavor you can't find anywhere else!"

This gut bomb contains 580 calories, 26 grams of fat, and 1,170 milligrams of sodium in a six-inch version. That's a long, long way from Subway's oven-roasted chicken breast sandwich, which has only 320 calories, five grams of fat, and 610 milligrams sodium.

So who would eat such a decadent sandwich? Apparently, Olympic champions.

Subway's commercial spot for the new Fritos concoction stars Apolo Ohno and Phelps.

We don't know about Ohno, but Phelps has been known to "get the munchies," if ya know what we mean...

Anyway, here's the ad, which surely signifies the end of the world as we know it:

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