Milking Replaces Planking as Annoying Internet Sensation of the Moment (Video)

Craving internet fame and don't mind wasting food while you search for it? Meet "milking," the next internet sensation destined to invade your Facebook and Instagram feeds and cause your teenage son to come home smelling of a dairy.

Milking, which internet busybodies are pegging as this year's answer to "planking," involves opening a bottle of milk and then dumping it over one's own head, ideally in a public space or while standing on something. Or while standing on something in a public space. And yes, it's as dumb as it sounds.

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The Telegraph and other British news outlets have traced milking back to a group of students from Newcastle, England, who uploaded their milking video to YouTube on November 21. Already, the two-minute-and-45-second video -- set to House of Pain's "Jump Around," naturally -- has more than 73,000 views.

The video -- which carries the disheartening possibility of inspiring scores of imitators -- also set off a flurry of bickering between finger-wagging old biddies ("These youth are destroying the universe with their wasteful ways") and those who are really easily amazed ("This is the most AWESOME thing EVER!!"). Note: Expect to see milking/lip dub video mash-ups en masse from the second camp in the coming months.

Will this catch on in the States? If the Simpsons have anything to say about Americans and their talent for wasting food, the answer is yes. It will. In the meantime, watch the video here. And kids, please don't try this at home, or anywhere, for that matter.

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Tricia Woolfenden