Mitt Romney Eats Healthy at BurgerFi In Delray Beach (Photos)

With the last presidential debate being held tonight at Lynn University in Boca Raton, most of south Florida is on politico alert. That means that while the candidates have to eat somewhere...most restaurants are scoped out by the secret service in advance then given only a few minutes official notice before a candidate stops in for a nosh.

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That happened at BurgerFi in Delray Beach last evening, when Mitt Romney stopped in for a burger and fries unannounced.

Governor Romney must have smelled the fragrant scent of hormone-free beef sizzling on the griddle from his suite at the Marriott, directly across the street from the burger joint and couldn't resist.

The Governor bought dinner for himself and some of his campaign staff and posed for a few pictures with BurgerFi employees. What did Mitt eat?

According to sources, the Governor ordered the following:

  • One VegeFi brger
  • Two single cheeseburgers
  • One single burger
  • One VegeFi burger (green style -- lettuce wrapped, no bun)
  • One cheeseburger
  • One regular-sized order of fries
  • One hand-spun malt shake
  • Two Dasani waters

The order came out to $52.72. Romney, by the way, left a tip.

To be candid, Governor Romney didn't actually eat one of the all-beef burgers, opting instead for the VegeFi lettuce wrap, a quinoa burger.

On the one hand, we're a little shocked Romney didn't have one of BurgerFi's juicy burgers, but we'll cut him some slack this time. After all, he's got to look good for the cameras tonight.

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