Monsanto Parody Asks 'What's Bad About Giant Screaming Watermelons?' (Video)

Monsanto gets a bad rap, y'all. Sure they're genetically-altering food and people are in a huff about it. But let's play Devil's advocate here, shall we?

Maybe genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) foods aren't so bad? Maybe the whole debate was started by other corporations like Whole Foods and Fresh Market to lure you into buying "clean" and "organic"?

Don't tell us what we like, you small family farms that struggle to keep up with giant mega-corporations. Maybe we like giant, screaming watermelons!

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We found a video, produced by the hilarious Happy Little Guillotine Studios that shares our love for Monsanto. In it, some grateful non-granola people compare GMO's to Spiderman. Hey, they're both genetically engineered and who doesn't love Spidey? Can we now agree that genetic mutations can save the planet and be part of a sensible diet?

The video logically points out that natural things rot, die, and leave you. And bees can sting. And a giant 85-pound watermelon that constantly screams might be tasty (or give you endless nightmares):

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