Moquila to Be Reborn in Boca

Moquila is dead! Long live Moquila! 

Perhaps that's being a bit over-dramatic, but it's true. The old Moquila has bit the eternal agave. But come June 14, the new Moquila will be born in the same space on Southeast Mizner Boulevard, albeit with a new owner, chef and menu.

In order, that would be Carlos Caballero, former proprietor of The Dive Bar in Fort Lauderdale, who decided that upon moving to Boca that reviving Moquila with his own vision of upscale, contemporary Mexican cookery would be an excellent idea.

Chef is Alex Rodriguez, a veteran of kitchens in New York and Ohio.

And the menu offers both familiar staples of the Mexican kitchen like

tortilla soup, tacos and ceviche, as well as rather more modern dishes

on the order of mussels with tequila, coconut milk and guajillo chilies;

chipotle barbecued duck empanadas; and lamb "lollipops" with papaya

salsa and ancho chili demiglace.  Moquila's swanky interior has been

left pretty much as was, except for a thorough cleaning, so there's

comfortable seating indoors for about 150.

There will be a happy

hour from 3 to 7 p.m., and to celebrate the opening, for awhile they'll

be offering a free margarita or glass of sangria with dinner.

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