A rib dinner at Art's Barbecue in Coral Springs comes with two sides, cornbread, and a half-rack of tender ribs mounted on top of two pieces of white bread. The ribs sported a slightly pink smoke ring and had a the sort of soft-but-firm texture that drives rib afficionados wild. I chomped at the spare ribs cut St. Louis style and tore up bits of the sauce-soaked white bread. With the meat juices mingling with the tomato-based sauce, it was like an open faced rib sandwich, only deconstructed. I couldn't get enough of it, actually.

More Worthy 'Cue Out West: Art's Barbecue in Coral Springs

Art's has sat in between a Firestone and a Pep Boys on University Drive in Coral Springs since 2001, a regular lunch-time spot for mechanics and blue-collar workers from the area. But owners Artis and Marilyn Holmes have been cooking 'cue since 1993, when they first opened Art's in Rapid City, South Dakota. Their restaurant is covered from floor to ceiling with posters of great, black jazz and blues musicians like Robert Johnson and B.B. King., artists whose music you'll hear playing in the dining room as well. There's a definitive smoky smell inside that tells you Art's is cooking with the wood, not coals.

The fantastic ribs came with a piece of moist cornbread and two sides, in this case mac and cheese and collard greens. The mac and cheese itself was interesting, as the pasta was so smooth and soft it almost took on the same texture as the thick cheese sauce (it also was not baked). The collards were filled with bits of chopped pork and were a good mixture of bitter and sweet. I also grabbed an order of hush puppies, which were freshly prepared and chock full of sweet corn kernels.

I'm eager to try Art's hot-link sausage, chopped pork, and brisket on my next visit, which should be soon since it's so close to home. For folks out west, Art's serves some quality cue that's worth checking out.

Art's Barbecue
2070 N. University Dr.,

Coral Springs 33071

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