Most Manly Restaurant in America Found in Fort Lauderdale

Men's Health announced today the most manly restaurants in America. And according to the results, the criteria are the following: 

1. To be a manly restaurant, the place must feature foods that don't require utensils, except when it comes to barbecue. 
2. If the restaurant isn't named after a man -- Jack, Tom, Joe, or Jethro -- it should be named for a bold ingredient, like salt or steak. 
3. It must be meatcentric.
4. Like utensils, seating is optional. 

Which restaurant is the winner?

Primanti's, of course. In a release to the Huffington Post, the magazine announced Primanti's as winner because "sit down restaurants are for sissies. At Primanti Bros., you order your sandwich with the side dishes stuffed inside it, so you can perform some sort of manual labor with your right hand and eat with your left. The result: a bicep-buster of a sandwich so good you'll try to eat the whole thing."

More restaurants should jockey for contention for most manly restaurant by putting sides inside sandwiches the way Primanti's does or as PL8 has been doing with its potato salad on bratwurst, the restaurant that's the subject of this week's review

Maybe we can Dagwood ourselves with leftovers: turkey, cranberry, mac and cheese, and green-bean casserole between two thick slices. Perfect for all that manual labor involved in tree-trimming, boozing, and football-watching during the coming weeks.

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