Munchie One: New Food Truck Rolls Into Fort Lauderdale

Hungering for food cooked on a mobile stove but want to skip the drive to the 305? The food truck trend is sizzling in Miami, but north of the Miami-Dade border, it's harder to get in on.

Café Bites got the scoop that gourmet food truck Munchie One is up and running in Fort Lauderdale, serving sandwiches and burgers. The venture is owned and operated by Frank McGuffin and Pablo Morales, who met back during their high school days in Charleston, S.C.

For years, the foodie duo envisioned opening a restaurant together. They each bring ten years of culinary experience to the table -- and Morales even brings trucking experience. He was a truck driver, doing long-haul trips cross-country, in a recent past life.

The proprietors plan to park Munchie One in downtown Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods Flagler Village and Victoria Park. McGuffin describes the menu as "simple, humble foods that taste good" and says the two plan to use local products.

Take, for example, the tomato and mozzarella sandwich ($7), layered with avocado and basil and sauced with balsamic reduction on a French baguette. The baguette is from Croissant Time. Munchie One also sells a build-your-own burger ($6) with add-on options like cheeses, portobello mushrooms, and egg.

To keep track of Munchie One's whereabouts and to get a bite of the mobile food action, you can follow them on twitter: @munchie_one.

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