Nathan Myhrvold, Author of $625 Cookbook Gives Stephen Colbert 72 Hour Old Meat

Nathan Myhrvold, former Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft, has written a $625 six-volume cookbook. Entitled Modernist Cuisine, this book series delves into everything food - from popping corn to molecular gastronomy. Myhrvold went on Colbert's show to plug his new endeavor.

During the interview, Stephen asks him why, oh why would you do this to food when the only ways to really prepareedibles are boiled, baked or fried - the missionary positions of cookery. When Myhrvold tells Colbert he prepared a slow food dish for him to try - pastrami cooked in a 130 degree water bath for 72 hours, Stephen asks, "Am I going to die eating this meat? It's like leaving meat out on a hot August day".

After trying the meat, Colbert declares, "I don't need teeth".  Watch the interview after the jump.

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Nathan Myhrvold

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