National Burger Month Over: Q&A With South Florida Food Blogger Burger Beast on Burgers

After a month of celebrating burgers, there's a good chance you are totally burgered out. While it would totally make sense, we hope that's not the case.

To close out National Burger Month, we decided to chat with someone who knows a thing or two about burgers, Miami-based blogger Burger Beast. He travels around South Florida scouting out America's favorite food.

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Clean Plate Charlie: What are your five favorite burgers in Broward/ Palm Beach counties?

Burger Beast: Charm City Burger Company, ROK:BRGR, Gilbert's 17th Street Grill, Tipsy Boar, and Georgie's Alibi.

What is the best burger you've ever had?

I'm not sure if I could call it the "Best," but I find myself longing for the one I had in Cozumel at Mezcalito's with Manchego Cheese. It was excellente, as they say.

Say you're putting together the best burger ever, how would it be made?

Ever?!?! Ok, 80/20 chuck ground beef, kosher salt & pepper on both sides, cooked med rare on a toasted brioche bun with American cheese, cooked on a flat top. Maybe bacon. We're good to go.

Similarly, how do you define the perfect burger, both at home or in a restaurant?

The beef needs to be seasoned properly to begin with (salt & pepper). I love a great char on the outside, but you still need to keep the inside juicy. Served on a toasted bun that captures the juices that try to escape. If it's cooked on a flat top I prefer American cheese, on a grill it's gotta be Cheddar Cheese. And a second burger ready to go if I love the first one.

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