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National Chicken Wing Day: Where to Eat Wings in Broward County

It's so close, we can almost smell it: football season, that is, not the chicken wings. Nothing says "game day" like a big pile of chicken wings bathing in a succulent sauce, so with football season just a few short weekends away, it's time to get a lay of the land so we can best plan our attack.

What better time to warm up for football season eating than National Chicken Wing Day, which is today, July 29? You wouldn't want to injure yourself by just diving in. You gotta stretch that stomach out first. 

Don't be another statistic; check out the list below. These are the ten best game-day chicken wings in all of Broward. These aren't some fussy, shaved-orange-peel-covered wings; these are straight-up, bro-approved, ten-napkin chicken wings.

Warning: You're gonna need a wet nap — and then a nap.

Sports Grille 
Pro tip: Sports Grille runs a 65-cent wing special on Mondays from 4 p.m. to close, so this place shoots up the game-day wing list if Monday Night Football is the game you're taking in. Broward finally got a taste of what Dade has been raving about for years when the Pembroke Pines location recently opened; and damn, they were not kidding! Sports Grille offers more of a hearty wing, one that you might say has a little Publix chicken tenders in it. Make sure to order multiple dipping sauces, as the breading on these goes terrifically with almost anything you plunge them into. 

Flanigan's Seafood Bar & Grill
If chicken wings were a videogame, Flanigan's would be the final boss. Sloppy as hell and in-your-face bold in garlicky goodness, Flanigan's wings are so good that they actually require a large side order of curly fries to soak up all the sauce and leftovers. Show me a South Florida man who is not a fan of Flanigan's wings and I will show you a Jets fan. These wings are so good that you will actually want to order them to-go just so your car smells like them for 24 hours. 

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza
These are the wings you order out for, strap in your front seat with a seat belt, and then pour all over your coffee table right before kickoff. Coal-fired with caramelized onion, rosemary, and other herbs, these are straight-up, grown-ass-man wings. These are wings that went to college and took Italian, even though they never have a need to speak Italian. These wings are so awesome that you might even be able to tell your wife with a straight face that they are healthy — because they were never fried — and it's not a lie if you believe it.

Uncle Al's
Uncle Al doesn't skimp on his chicken wings; these things are ginormous. The breaded chipotle wings go perfect with a beer, and luckily enough, this place has fully embraced the Florida brewery explosion, so it has some of the best beer you could ask for. Don't let the shopping-plaza location fool you; Uncle Al's is huge inside and has comfortable seating, with televisions everywhere. If you decide to bring the kids along, there are pool tables and videogames to keep them busy for the full three-hour game. 

Another former Dolphins bar you're sure to be familiar with, Bokamper's gets extra points for its setting and the sheer number of TVs. Bo's signature wings are the go-to selection here; they come grilled to perfection with the classic celery and blue cheese on the side. Bo's wings are supermeaty, so the ten-wing order won't leave you needing to order something else at halftime. 

Wings-N-Things offers crispy chicken wings that come drenched in minced garlic and way too much sauce — that's what it's all about on game day. Price factors in here, as the place routinely runs a 25-wing/curly fry/pitcher special that won't break your budget. If you decide you'd rather order out and take these home, the to-go service is some of the fastest around, so you won't be caught in the car during the first quarter. 

You might not know about this place, hidden away in Hollywood, but you should, because the wings are legit. Known as a solid Dolphins and Hurricanes bar, Ricky's is home-team-approved, so you don't have to worry about walking into some weird Chicago Bears bar that has the Fins game on one tiny TV in the back. Nothing crazy here, just solid hot-sauced wings. No frills, just spectacular wings at a place where you can catch the ’Canes game with your boys. 

Dive-bar wings at their finest. The specialty here is the sweet and spicy Thai wings that will wake you up on a Sunday afternoon after a long night of drinking. As with many other places on this list, you can order your wings "naked" with sauce on the side if that fried crisp is a thing you are most into. Not on the same level TV-wise with a place like Bokamper's, but what you sacrifice in entertainment you make up in quality of wings

Many of the booths at Landlubbers have televisions built into them, which is a crucial 2015 feature for the NFL fan. The lemon pepper or garlic Parm wings here are a nice switch-up from the traditional Buffalo style, and the prices are tough to beat (six wings and fries for $6 some days). You know all those flavors of wings you can order at other places? This place brings many of those flavors to the fries also. If boneless is your thing (those are chicken nuggets, not wings), its Golden Boy boneless wings are crispy and full of the flavor you'd find in a hearty, golden, fried-chicken tender. Landlubbers is high on the game-day wings list because it's easy to get in and out of too, unlike some of the larger, more popular destinations on this list. 
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