National Garlic Day is Tomorrow: Five Awesome Local Garlic Dishes to Try

Sure, it's odoriferous, but garlic is one of the best culinary discoveries known to man.

It adds layers of flavor to every type of food, almost everywhere in the world, and the bulbous plant is known for a multitude of health benefits: antioxidants, respiratory and circulatory benefits, anti-inflammatory properties, food poisoning prevention, vampire preventer - the list goes on.

Basically, it's just awesome.

Tomorrow -- Saturday, April 19 -- is National Garlic Day, a celebration of the world's best cooking ingredient.

To honor the day, we've rounded up the five interesting garlicky food items in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

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Bocce Wine Bar & Tapas' Garlic Soup

To honor the most pungent of holidays, this West Palm Beach eatery is offering an aromatic soup. For seven bucks, the broth is served with a red gulf prawn, thin slice of crostini, egg, and bacon -- with a dash of maple syrup.

Little House's Fermented Garlic

Owner Chrissy Benoit uses this strange-looking bulbous ingredient in a number of her dishes. While it looks like death, fermented garlic (a.k.a. black gold) contains all of the benefits of its younger brethren without any of the bad effects -- B.O. and bad breath. It's frequently offered at the restaurant; $20 will get you three bulbs.

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SMAK Attack's Garlic Honey

While Gary Kareff of SMAK Attack focuses on creating an array of honey from bees around the state -- he places hives near a wide range of flowering plants to infuse flavors in the end product -- Kareff also does some of the flavoring himself. He's infused a garlic honey that has been a big hit at Delray Beach's garlic fest. Visit

Tark's Garlic Wings

Chicken wings are nothing new around here -- heck, neither are garlic wings -- but when something is freaking phenomenal, it deserves recognition. This Dania Beach seafood shack serves some garlic wings that are totally worth the stench. Crisp and flecked with minced clove, these little beauties are juicy, flavorful, and full of health benefits -- minus, the frying part, of course.

Rustic Inn Crabhouse's Garlic Crabs

Most people eat crabs with boatloads of butter, but these little babies are all about the garlic (and also butter). The self-titled "World Famous Garlic Crabs" combine clusters of blue crab with a pungent sauce that is sure to have you reeking up a storm -- but hey, at least you'll enjoy the process.

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