National Liqueur Day at 50 Ocean In Delray Beach

National Liqueur Day at 50 Ocean In Delray Beach

UPDATE 10/16/2012: The dinner at 50 Ocean tonight has been canceled due to illness. We will keep checking back and let you know when it has been rescheduled. 

Apparently, tomorrow is National Liqueur Day Now, as far as we're concerned, that should be every day, but we are certainly not going to pass up the opportunity to justify bellying up and bending our elbows. Ah, the joys of rationalization.

Swanky hot spot 50 Ocean in Delray Beach wants you to make 50 Ocean the destination for your annual National Liqueur Day pilgrimage.

Liqueurs are like flavored liquors' classier cousins. They also go by names like cordials or schnapps. The main difference seems to be that, as opposed to having a hint of flavor like that cookie dough vodka you're hiding in the back of the freezer - you naughty boy - liqueurs are heavy, super sweet, syrupy. 

On their own some require a well-developed palate - or an insatiable sweet tooth - but their heavy flavor makes them a perfect candidate to stand up to the other ingredients in a cocktail.

50 Ocean has teamed up with Nolet's Gin to put together a National Liqueur Day dinner and cocktail pairing. For $59 each diner gets a five-course dinner consisting of a pear salad, duck confit, bacon wrapped swordfish entree, short ribs, and a key lime mousse for dessert. Each course is paired with a specially crafted liqueur cocktail, so if you're a lightweight maybe line up a taxi ride home for this gastonomic adventure.

50 Ocean is located at 50 S. Ocean Blvd. in Delray Beach. Call 561-278-3364, or visit


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