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National Pack A Lunch Day: 5 Reasons to Brown Bag It

Let's face it, YOU are a bitchin' rock star from Mars and what better way to prove it than by rockin' a totally bitchin' lunchbox for National Pack a Lunch Day?  That's right, it's time to dust off your Knight Rider lunchbox because March 10th is National Pack a Lunch Day!

At this point you may be rolling your eyes at the impossibility of actually waking up on time (let alone early) to pack your lunch. Yes ,you already know why you should pack your lunch- it's economical, more nutritious ( Zebra Cakes and Cheetos aside), and you help the environment, but  you may still find it hard to put those two slices of bread and filling together every day. Before you start beating yourself up about it, perhaps you just need a little more motivation. We've got your back!  Here are 5 reasons to brown bag it (with a reusable brown bag, of course!)!

1. You Don't Have to Split a Check

Picture it ( Sicily 1937) the waiter makes his way over, drops off the check, and vanishes
before someone can ask the dreaded (and belated), "Can you split the check". A hush falls over the table. Like a stand-off in an old western movie, everyone makes a move like they are going to grab the check but they hesitate. Blood pressures rise and impending anxiety attacks cause chests to tighten and palms to sweat.  Everyone knows that whoever picks up the bill first better have their restaurant check math down to a science or friendships will be lost; there will be blood. In a perfect world, everyone could easily split a $43.00 check without incident but when there is a group of four or more the usual offenders rear their ugly heads- the penny pincher, the boastful over-tipper, and the person who never has cash ever. Eventually, after much stress and strife, calculating and re-calculating, rounding and carrying, the bill gets sorted out and you, without fail, end up paying $14.00 for a $6.00 bowl of French Onion soup! Not this week my friend! Bring your lunch and leave your abacus and algebra crib sheet at home!  You're welcome!

2. You Can Disguise Being Broke as Concern for Lowering Your Carbon

Which sounds better?

Scenario A: Co-worker:  "Hey we're going to lunch do you want to come?"
                   You: " No, thanks! I can only spend $8.00 on lunch this week!"

Scenario B: Co-worker: "Hey we're going to lunch do you want to come?"
                    You: "No, I read that bringing my lunch to work instead of going out to
                             eat can significantly lower my carbon footprint. Just doing my part!"

See, you're not broke, you're an earth loving, tree hugging, free-wheeling,environmentalist!

3. You Can Eat an Egg Salad Sandwich without Being Judged
We all have at least one nasty sandwich that we secretly love to eat- liverwurst and onion, egg salad, or grilled Spam-n-cheese. Though our love for these sandwiches run deep, we can't bear to order them in public lest we lose cool points in the eyes of our peers ( not that you care...).

Just try and order an egg salad sandwich in public without your co-workers staring at you in disbelief! When you pack a lunch however, all bets are off, you have free reign to concoct the most vile sandwich imaginable and devour it in the comfort of your own cubicle.What better way to escape from the day than by playing a game of Solitaire and enjoying that peanut butter and chive cream cheese sandwich?!  Enjoy!

4. You Can Stop Using Your Magic 8 Ball in Vain

Will you and your three co-workers be able to decide where to eat before your lunch hour is over? Outlook Hazy. Will your annoying, onion-loving, closer talker co-worker be joining you for lunch today? Yes. Will you be eating Thai food for the third time this week? Signs point to yes. If you pack your lunch will you enjoy a meal that is free from indecisive and/or aggravating co-workers for at least 30 minutes to an hour? Yes-Definitely.

5. You Can Rock a Cool Lunch Box

Packing your lunch doesn't have to be dull. Leave the boring, insulated cube at home and get your swag on with and old school classic or a chic stainless steel lunchbox.  Should you bring your old Super Friends lunch box and matching thermos to work today or your new, all-natural, hemp lunch bag, now that you low-carbon emitting environmentalist?Decisions, decisions! 

Whatever reason you decide to start bringing your lunch, have fun, save money, and enjoy that bologna and Easy Cheese sandwich! Happy Pack a Lunch Day! 

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