Ne-Yo's Cafe Martorano Dinner Party

Ne-Yo's Cafe Martorano Dinner Party

Where does singer Ne-Yo go when he gets a hankering for Italian food in south Florida? Cafe Martorano, of course..

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The Grammy-winning performer recently supped at the restaurant with a group of 30 of his closest friends. The party arrived around 10:30 p.m. and ordered practically everything on the menu.

The singer/songwriter and friends sampled much of Steve Martorano's famous Italian-American comfort food including the restaurant's famous meatball salad, Philly cheese steak, fried calamari, Parmigiano truffle fries, lobster Francaise, fried chicken, lasagna, and seafood linguini (South Jersey style).

For dessert, the party enjoyed waffle and ice cream sandwiches, ricotta cannolis, brownies, and an assortment of ice cream.

Sounds like a fantastic party with great food. Maybe next time we'll get an invite.

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