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Nevada Lawsuit Sheds Light on Inner Workings of VIP Nightclubs

In a lawsuit filed this week, a young woman who hostessed at a Las Vegas nightclub -- Jet nightclub at the Mirage -- claims her bosses at the Light Group and Dancing Monkey coerced her to drink at work, do massive amounts of coke, and get a boob job.

According to Jane Doe's attorney, she was "pressured into losing weight and even obtaining breast implants." Staff and management fondled her and "forced her to sit on the laps of VIP patrons and give them hugs and kisses" and

"provided plaintiff with cocaine and encouraged her to ingest

cocaine and excessive amounts of alcohol to maintain the proper image."

She says that she was sent on "marketing trips" with VIP customers --

she specifically mentions Arab customers (a Dubai company owns a 50 percent stake in the Light Group) -- as a test to see whether she

would sleep with them and in turn "were expected to give sexual favors

to VIP patrons."

Jet and Bare, the two

clubs where the plaintiff worked, were rife with "sexual undertones."

One attorney called the whole setup "a glorified brothel."

Ultimately, the plaintiff alleges, she overdosed at work but rather then help her, her bosses sent her home in a cab. She was found passed out in a park and had to go to rehab. She also suffered from anorexia, and another female employee died from an overdose.

What do you think?  Working at a Las Vegas nightclub should result in a tame experience, a chaste, professional, Office Max-y kind of deal? How does this compare to South Florida clubs? 

Is this whole suit alleging a "hostile work environment" finally going to give women some justice, or is it a bunch of hooey?

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