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New Benihana Location to Open in Coral Springs in 2009

"Don't think about dropping it, don't think about dropping it..."

If you ever needed any proof that the recession is hitting the middle class the hardest, just take a spin around Coral Springs. The sleepy burg - once the ultimate destination for budding family units - is literally covered with the sad little shells of failed businesses, most of which are restaurants. One such casualty is Springs' former Macaroni Grill, which, since its closure nearly a year ago, has sat in disrepair collecting code violations from the City for failure to maintain the property. (Coral Springs code enforcement is a ruthless bunch.) But as I was driving by this weekend I noticed a couple dump trucks out front as well as a sign announcing the location would soon be home to a brand-spanking-new Benihana.

This is good news for West Browardites, whose only other nearby option for teppanyaki-style cuisine is the ageless and insipid Peking Tokyo. Plus, Benihana is, if its (rather silly) new advertising campaign is to be believed, a special place to eat.

There's no concrete date set as of yet for when shrimp will start being flung into open mouths with abandon; just leave your calendar open for sometime in early 2009.

-- John Linn

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John Linn

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