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New Food Truck Royal Wings Specializes in Grilled Jumbo Wings on the Fly

There's a new food truck in town specializing in a dish that not many have tackled via mobile kitchen: grilled chicken wings. Based out of Aventura, the truck hit the streets several weeks ago, proudly serving up fresh-grilled chicken wings in delightfully unique sauces.

For $10, owner Leanna Martinez -- also owner of the Dolce Gourmet Cupcakes truck -- will serve you eight jumbo wings grilled then doused in your choice of one of over 20 specialty, hand-crafted marinades.

From cupcakes to chicken wings, Martinez explains both are a favorite food. "I started with the sweets. I love sweets, especially cupcakes, which is what Dolce is all about," Marinez told Clean Plate Charlie. "Eventually, people started saying I should do a food truck. I love wings, so I thought, 'why not?' Everybody loves wings."

These wings aren't deep-fried, breaded or baked, however. They are grilled, and the man behind the grill is Chef Sal Frederico, who patiently attends to each order for 10 to 15 minutes until the wings are moist and succulent. It's a healthy twist, said Martinez. No char or extra burn here, these are meaty wings with lots of sauce. If you want them extra-crispy, ask Martinez to have them cooked well-done -- and be prepared to wait a few extra minutes.

Like her cupcakes, Martinez uses dozens of flavor combinations from fragrant garlic parmesan to spicy-sweet raspberry chipotle. Right now, the best-seller is her a bright red Thai sriracha hot sauce. It gives off just enough heat so that downing eight wings isn't a test in strength. To wash it down, Martinez offers two complimentary beverages free with any order: a spring water or Lipton raspberry iced tea.

We also loved the honey garlic barbecue, a viscous marinade that was so good I had no other choice than to drag what little meat was left clinging to the bones through the puddle at the bottom of the paper container -- the true definition of bone-sucking good.

For more information about Royal Wings follow them on Twitter. You can also find Dolce Gourmet Cupcakes on Facebook.

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