New, Nighttime Artisan Food Market Launched by Amanda Weiner of Indie Craft Bazaar

Between the rise of the DIY crafters and the rise of the foodies, perhaps the the rise of the locavore artisan food fest was a foregone conclusion all along. Still, we're super excited to see it finally happening.

There have always been food vendors at craft shows, of course. At the indie reincarnation of granny's craft fair, the cupcake has reigned supreme with beautiful colored creations. An entire generation has rediscovered the red velvet and cream cheese icing cupcake thanks to creative, tattooed young bakers.

Some vendors pickled things. Other vendors made vegan cookies or homemade hot sauce. More and more, the food vendors infiltrated the milieu of the crafters. But, as of March 1, the foodies will finally have a festival to call their very own.

Amanda Weiner organizes the Indie Craft Bazaar and the City Wide Market. She's organizing this new food event - so new that it is, as yet, unnamed - with fellow local Chris Gaidry.

"The general idea for the event is basically a fusion of: green market/ food festival/food truck meetup. We intend to have several local food trucks rounded up, serving gourmet prepared foods to enjoy, along with music and drinks (our goal is to obtain some kind of free or very low priced alcohol for patrons, but we're definitely still working on that). There will also be a marketplace for locals who grow, produce and make edibles (gourmet baked treats, homemade jams, spices, etc.) So, something for locals to enjoy on the spot and stuff to take home, too. This will be the first night time green market in Florida."

The Indie Craft Bazaar Facebook page is both a meeting place for local crafties and a clearing house of information and the goods crafties need to do their crafting. There's even the occasional post about a lost dog someone found that needs a good home. The craftie community is a cooperative one, so finally welcoming the foodies with open arms was not a big stretch.

"Through our craft fairs and flea markets, we've met a lot of locals who are making their own products; everything from gourmet bacon cupcakes to homemade sriracha and home roasted coffee beans. Being proponents of locally made edibles, and foodies ourselves, we've been really interested in creating a new outlet for locals to share and enjoy products. It'll be a new way to share and connect within our community, while also economically helping one another out."

The food fair will happen in conjunction with the March incarnation of their usual, monthly event, City-Wide Market, March 2 and 3.

"Select City-Wide vendors will setup early for Friday night festivities, so the food market patrons will get a sneak peek at City-Wide with some shopping, too."

It's such early days for the new food event that not only has it not been christened, no vendors have been formally accepted. Several of the food vendors who've made appearances at other craft shows have expressed a definite interest, though.

From Weiner:

CopperPots: They make spicy pepper jam, sweet jams, hot sauces, sriracha and other goods.

Half-Baked Goods: Vegan cookies, cupcakes, donuts and frosting mixes cookie & cake mixes to make your own at home.

Joji Yogurt: A glow in the dark food truck that serves locally made self serve frozen yogurts and pops.

The food fest -- name to be decided -- will be held March 1 from 5 p.m. to midnight, in advance of the City-Wide Market taking place March 2 and 3 at in Holiday Park in front of the War Memorial Auditorium, 800 Northeast Eighth St., Fort Lauderdale. Admission and parking will be free.

Keep checking back with Clean Plate Charlie. We'll keep you updated as more details are available.

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