Beer is going to be harder to get in West Palm Beach.
Beer is going to be harder to get in West Palm Beach.

New Ordinance Will Make It Tougher to Buy Booze in West Palm Beach

We're filing this post under High Suckage Factor.  According to the Palm Beach Post, an ordinance was passed yesterday that would make it more difficult to buy alcohol in downtown West Palm Beach.

Ordinance No. 4394-11, which was passed on January 23, restricts "the sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption in the Clematis

Waterfront District and the Northwest Neighborhood District."

That means that new grocery stores will not be able to obtain a license to sell beer or spirits, though stores currently selling booze will be grandfathered in.

It also requires bars and restaurants in the Clematis Street area to

obtain a special extended-hours permit if they want to sell alcoholic

beverages after midnight. In order to receive this permit, bars and

restaurants would also have to comply with "security regulations and

training requirements,

and may be revoked by the special magistrate." So far, the ordinance

does not state exactly what training requirements are required in order

for an establishment to secure a permit.

Restaurants and bars that

want to serve booze past the stroke of midnight must submit permit

applications by April 3, 2012. The permits must be renewed annually. 

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