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New Times Beerfest, Round Four: The Browns

We're a day away from New Times Beerfest, tomorrow from 7 to 11 p.m. in Esplanade Park, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Humane Society of Broward County. Sister Hazel provides tunes and Moe's Southwest Grill as well as JC Wahoo's join a slew of local restaurants in offering eats for the evening. Don't forget to purchase your tickets tonight to save yourself $10.

All week, we've been sipping suds and ranking those offered among the100-plus domestic, international, and craft beers available at the fest. We've saved one of the best rounds for last, which includes Abita Amber, Alexander Keith's Nova Scotia Style Brown Ale, Brooklyn Brown Ale, and Brooklyn Chocolate Stout. Read on for the rankings.

Abita Select Amber Ale

"I drank a ton of these in New Orleans a couple weeks ago," said a taster, who admitted to drinking the brand when in Rome, but passing on buying it back home. "It's a pretty simple beer," said a taster.

Beer Ranking: B-

Alexander Keith's Brown Ale

"Smells like cheese," said one sipper. "Tastes like cherry or coffee," said another. "This is my favorite of all the beers we've taste tested." It's balanced with a hint of sweetness, especially when we compared it to the final two.

Beer Ranking: B-

Brooklyn Brown Ale
"I don't love this and I thought I would," said a taster. Some of our reaction was a sweet-ish beer following one that "tastes like Tootsie Rolls" and tamarind.

Beer Ranking: B/B-

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
"Perfect for after dinner," said a taster. "It's really chocolaty," said another. I'd just had some at Texas Hold Em, where I'd fallen in love with it last weekend.

Beer Ranking: A-

The winner: A toss up, but most likely Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

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