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New Times Cupcake Battle: Q&A With Pam Joyner of Cupcake Couture Sweet Boutique

As a countdown to the upcoming New Times Cupcake Battle at the 2011 Las Olas Wine & Food Festival on April 29, Clean Plate Charlie interviewed owners of the participating bakeries.

We emailed Pam Joyner, owner of Cupcake Couture Sweet Boutique, Inc.

which started as a way to fulfill her family's dream of owning a sweet store. Joyner tells CPC that she believes we eat with our eyes, and promises that her cupcakes will make our sweet tooth fall in love before first bite.

Clean Plate Charlie: How did the bakery get started?

Pam Joyner of Cupcake Couture Sweet Boutique, Inc.: I'm an interior decorator by trade, so the creativity of doing custom cupcakes for everyday as well as for special events (like weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs) is filling the emptiness of not doing design every day.

While traveling to Los Angeles in 2008, I noticed that cupcake shops were popping up on what felt like every corner. I also saw the writing on the wall for the construction industry, and how it would affect my interior design business.

My father, who worked at Nabisco, died 32 years ago before he could live out his dream of opening a candy store. I might be a little late, but this business has been the perfect recipe to feed my need to be creative and fulfill my father's dream.

What is your signature cupcake or customer favorite cupcake?

Our Red Valentino is definitely a customer favorite.

Will the signature cupcake be used for the cupcake battle?


What's your game plan for the cupcake battle?

My goal is to have the most creative, attractive, best tasting, and couture cupcakes at the battle. I believe we eat with our eyes, so the better something looks the more people will want to have it!

Why do you think your bakery will win the battle; what sets your store apart?

Our names and creative spin on these delicious treats set us apart from other bakeries. It also helps that they're more than a cute name. No mixes are used in my kitchen, and we only utilize the highest and freshest ingredients. In addition to the high standards used for our cupcakes made fresh daily, we use the same standards for our Gluten Free, Vegan, and Sugar Free cupcakes. The response to these special order treats has been extremely positive. I feel proud that we are able to cater to people who have these dietary restrictions. Last, I think our taking the time to hand-frost adds to the beauty of our cupcakes. We really take the time to individually design everything that comes out of our kitchen.


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