New Times Cupcake Battle: Q&A With Stacey McCollum of Cute As a Cupcake

As a countdown to the upcoming New Times Cupcake Battle at the 2011 Las Olas Wine & Food Festival on April 29, Clean Plate Charlie interviewed owners of the participating bakeries.

We emailed Stacey McCollum, owner of Cute as a Cupcake, who is confident to compete for best cupcake against possibly bigger and more seasoned bakeries.

Clean Plate Charlie: How did the bakery get started?

Cute as a Cupcake: Cakes and cupcakes all started off as a hobby. It was a talent that I didn't even know I had until my 20s. As I produced more and more works of art, more and more people wanted me to make cakes and cupcakes for their special occasions, thus birthing Cute as a Cupcake.

What is your signature cupcake or customer favorite cupcake?

One of the most requested is our carrot cake cupcake. Carrot cake is an American favorite, and I believe that putting it in cupcake form makes it even more loved.

Will the signature cupcake be used for the cupcake battle?

We can't give away all of our secrets! We'll just have to wait and see.

What's your game plan for the cupcake battle?

As with any battle, it would not be wise to let the opposition know your game plan, but I will say this: We are going to go out there and do the best that we possibly can, and if we give it our best, then we can be nothing but proud of that.

Why do you think your bakery will win the battle? What sets your store apart?

Because we are small and not as "seasoned" as some of the other bakeries, people may have the tendency to underestimate the underdog. We're small, but you know what they say -- small can pack a mighty punch. So to my fellow competition, underestimate away.

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