"New Times" Cupcake Battle: Q&A With Yvette Sanchez of Skinny Chic Desserts

The New Times Cupcake Battle at the 2011 Las Olas Wine & Food Festival begins at 7:30 tonight.  Clean Plate Charlie interviewed owners of the participating bakeries and Skinny Chic Desserts completes our Q&A countdown.

We emailed Yvette Sanchez, owner of Skinny Chic Desserts

whose bakery creates vegan desserts and cupcakes safe for those with dietary restrictions and allergies. But don't expect to taste flavorless sweets; Sanchez promises natural, organic ingredients that taste great!

Clean Plate Charlie: How did the bakery get started?

Yvette Sanchez of Skinny Chic Desserts: I am not a baker by trade, but I am a competitive dessert creator. When I was diagnosed with diabetes and dairy allergies in 2003, I was forced to change my eating habits. One that I was not willing to sacrifice was my sweet tooth. Traveling to the Caribbean opened a new world of possibilities for me healthwise. So with natural organic ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives, Skinny Chic Desserts was created. I am my biggest critic, and if I could be satisfied with the quality and taste of my desserts, so would the rest of the kids and adults who have diabetes or food allergies.

What is your signature cupcake or customer favorite cupcake?

The skinny lemon and cherry chic cupcakes and the double brownie are the costumers' favorites. The taste is amazing, and it's what you call a guilt-free dessert without the calories or sugar. Whether you're a diabetic or just watching your weight, you can have one of our desserts guilt-free without worry about your diet.

Will the signature cupcake be used for the cupcake battle?


What's your game plan for the cupcake battle?

I'm sure the judges are expecting the typical sugar-free or low-calorie dessert, but what I have in store are quality desserts with fresh ingredients. Even those who are not on a special diet will not be able to tell the difference in taste. After all, chocolate isn't chocolate if it doesn't taste like it.

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