New Times Happy Hours App Party: Free Drinks at Quarterdeck Friday

You know what's the best part of going back to work after a long holiday weekend? Knowing that Friday is just one day closer!

Congrats, people. You almost made it through another work week. Now, it's time to celebrate once again with some drinks and bites with friends.

But wait, you say... you spent all your money over Memorial Day and the only thing you've got in your pocket is a couple of slightly torn dollar bills?

You've got two options: You can either put the two bills together in a dark room, play some romantic music, and hope they multiply or...

You can come out to the New Times Broward/Palm Beach Happy Hours App Party on Friday, May 31 at Quarterdeck in Fort Lauderdale where the drinks are on us!

That's right! We love our readers, so from 7 to 9 p.m., we're toasting you with free Smirnoff, Miller Lite, and house wine. Plus, we'll spring for the appetizers!

You're thinking, "hey -- what's the catch," right? Well there isn't one. Just show your downloaded New Times Happy Hours App on your smartphone as your entry.

Don't have our Happy Hours app on your phone? You should. It's the key to the best happy hour deals throughout South Florida, and it's free and available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones. Just click here to download and you've got the best happy hour deals at your fingertips, starting with Friday's party.

You can also follow @CleanPlateBPB on Twitter to keep up on all the latest Florida food news, trends, and events. If you attend our mobile app party, Tweet at us to let us know you're there. (It won't get you anything, we just really like being twittered at.)

Follow Laine Doss on Twitter @LaineDoss and Facebook.

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