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New Times Seeks Marquee Name to Helm Restaurant Coverage

When Anthony Bourdain was asked last year what advice he'd give to the New York Times during the paper's search for a restaurant critic, he answered: "I think the best you can hope for in a subjective enterprise like food criticism is for an honest broker of opinion."

Truthfulness might seem like an obvious answer, but it does go to the heart of what makes a restaurant critic's job one of the toughest in journalism. Sure, it seems like eating for a living and then expressing an opinion about it seems easy. But any restaurant critic will tell you that it's finding the courage to stand by opinions -- which may be hated by the reader, the restaurant owner, and literally everyone else -- can be the toughest part about, well, eating for a living.

So it's an honest broker of opinion New Times seeks as its next restaurant critic. We're looking for a critic who can build on the success of our award-winning food coverage. And 

we're looking for a marquee name, someone who will become a must-read in this age of soon-to-be-gone web publications and internet memes.

Click here for info on how to apply.

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