New York Mart: A Massive Asian Market in Sunrise

Describe your favorite Asian market. The ceilings are low and the aisles are tight, right? There's the strong smell in the air of of dried seafood and soy products, correct? Well, the New York Mart in Sunrise is as far from that as possible.

Inside, it's as large as any supermarket chain you'll find. There are rows and rows of bright vegetables -- Chinese broccoli, mustard greens and fresh bamboo shoots. The butcher case holds pigs' ears and bellies, and tripe culled from all of a cow's seven stomachs. Live frogs sit in a bucket near the fish display, beside which sits a 20-foot-plus narrow tub of ice bearing everything from yellowtail to octopus.

The Sunrise location is the company's first in Florida. We tried to get in touch with Queens-based owners to no avail. No manager was on hand when we visited on a weekday afternoon, nor on several afternoons after when we called. Yet the place hummed with efficiency. This is the eighth New York Mart. The other seven are scattered across New York, mostly in Queens neighborhoods like Long Island City and Elmhurst. They opened a Chinatown branch on Mott Street about a year ago, when the Sunrise location opened. Here's what we found:

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