New York Strip in Pompano Closes, Ending a Short, Glitzy Run

New York Strip opened in Pompano on April 2 with as much fanfare as you could possibly muster for a steak house/strip club. The owners mailed outlandish media kits all around town that included membership cards supposedly valued at $10,000. They flew in strippers from around the country -- one of them said she was among 200 girls put up at the airport Hilton for weeks as the place hired its own staff.

But all that glitz couldn't save the place. It closed July 1.

You have to figure all that spending early on might have hurt. Or the location: an out-of-the-way industrial park west of I-95. Or the fact that they

didn't quite get the high-end steak house and strip club thing quite

right. It seemed like just another black-painted strip club with a

steak house attached, as opposed to a place like Rachel's, where you realize right off you're in a

high-end joint.

Not even the food, apparently, could save it. New

Times named New York Strip as Best Steak over $50 this year.

A man who

answered the phone at New York Strip this morning said nobody was

available to talk about exactly what happened to the place. He said he

was a representative of the landlord and had no idea how to get in touch

with the owners. "They're gone," he said. "That's it."


telling what happened to all those girls they flew down. Hopefully they

had a prebooked return flight.

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