No Udder Protein Offers Vegan, Dairy-Free Protein Powder Made in Florida

Among the myriad questions vegans get about their lifestyle choice, there's one that reigns supreme: WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN? 

While this inquiry needs to go the way of the dinosaurs (protein is in everything), it's still ubiquitous — the endlessly echoing refrain of befuddled omnivores everywhere. For most vegans, this is a nonissue, but for athletes, a protein boost can be an important dietary addition.

Vegan protein powders are a newer addition to the market, however, and aren't nearly as accessible as their dairy counterparts. Luckily, there's a new — and locally based — entrant to the vegan protein market: No Udder Protein, a Florida-made dairy and soy-free powder that's flying off shelves and into the pantries of many a plant-powered athlete.

"As a chiropractor with a specialty in sports medicine and therapy, I get a lot of athletes coming in to my office asking for advice on everything from diet to exercise," says No Udder Protein founder Dr. Steve Muscari. "In speaking to patients, I found that there was a growing need for a dairy-free protein powder for the average consumer.

"With such a growing need becoming obvious to me, I began my own research on developing a brand to fill this gap in the market." 

So, No Udder was born. With a growing body of scientific research claiming the inflammatory effects of dairy, more and more people have been looking for a tasty, stomach-safe option.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, Muscari says, and the flavor and texture get rave reviews — especially when compared to other protein products.

"Our pea and rice protein mix provides all essential amino acids needed to create a complete protein. We use non-GMO, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free products without artificial sweeteners — a big selling point for conscious consumers. No Udder is manufactured under the strictest of standards."

The product is manufactured and processed in Florida, and the facility is all about "pristine, highly efficient, and stringent regulations," he adds.

For those who want to give the dairy-free option a go, it's available online at the No Udder Protein Amazon store, as well as in Muscari's office (New Path Chiropractic, located in Abacoa — Jupiter). It's also sold at various CrossFit gyms in Palm Beach County and is launching in new locations monthly, including being the featured protein used in smoothies at several local juice bars.

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