Nugtella: Creamy Hazelnut and Pot Treat Is Real

We all have our favorite "stoner food." Some love a Taco Bell run; others can go through a dozen donuts. And then there's Nutella.

Straight from the jar, the chocolate-and-hazelnut combination satisfies like nothing else when we're jonesing for a little somethin' somethin'. Now, what if we told you that some genius company thought of a way to combine Nutella with marijuana?

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Organicares, based in San Jose, California, makes Nugtella spread -- a combination of hazelnut and medical marijuana. According to the company's Facebook page, each cup of Nugtella equals 320mg THC, with one tablespoon of creamy deliciousness containing 20mg THC.

Weed-laced hazelnut spread not your thing? The company, under its Sugar Leaf Edibles brand, offers a host of "baked goods," including peanut butter, cookies, Rice Krispie treats, and (of course) Buddha Brownies, made with hybrid hash oil.

Of course, there's good news and bad news. First the bad news: Turns out Nugtella is available for sale only at pot dispensaries throughout California.

The good news? They have these things called "planes." Google it.

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