Obama Hopes for Fish Sandwich
Obama Hopes for Fish Sandwich
Laine Doss

Obama Lookalike Sells KFC Fish Sandwich in China

Kentucky Fried Chicken in China is certainly different than here in the states.  Here in the states, KFC sells buckets of chicken suitable for eating. In China, however, KFC apparently sells giant fish sandwiches suitable for squashing Democratic leaders.

China's KFC is running commercials for their new fish sandwich featuring a President Obama lookalike. In the commercial, "Barack" is at a political rally, speaking to a cheering public. "Change is good. Not only for your Mom, but for you, for your stomach, for a better taste". Then a giant fish sandwich drops down and squashes him like a bug.

Could this be just a hilarious commercial by a Chinese ad agency or a sinister plot to have Communism take over the free world via giant fried fish fillets?  Watch here and decide for yourself.

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