Obama, Romney Tweet Their Election Day Snacks

Though the polls officially close in Florida in just a few minutes, this is where the game really begins. We suggest getting a beer and some popcorn and settling down for a long night of speculation, talking heads, and incessant chatter to fill up the dead air that is the waiting game on election night.

Election Day Fun: Obama, Romney Food Art

Both candidates have been busy all day, making last minute speeches and appearances in their final moments before they just sit and wait for the news.

But even the leader of the free world needs a little something-something to get him through the day. Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have tweeted what they're snacking on -- and who they're snacking with.  

Let's take a look:

A campaign worker snapped this picture of Mitt Romney enjoying one last peanut butter and honey sandwich on Air Romney.


Meanwhile, in Ohio, Barack Obama has a few minutes of coffee talk with Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z.

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