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Oooh, that smell follow your nose to Evergreen Spices Inc.

Judging from the piles of freshly ground, aromatic spices just waiting to be scooped into jars and taken home for your culinary pleasure, you might think you were standing in a medina in Tangiers. Indeed, the stalls in the Festival Marketplace can be as twisting and convoluted as those in a Moroccan market. Good thing Evergreen Spices Inc. (2900 Sample Rd., Pompano Beach) is right up front, located across from the pickles in the food department. That way, if your nose doesn't lead you to this new little shop that sells pure spices and zesty mixtures, made up in-house, from all over the world, your Boca Raton sense of direction can: Just make sure you enter via valet parking.
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Jen Karetnick is an award-winning dining critic, food-travel writer, and author of the books Ice Cube Tray Recipes, Mango, and The 500 Hidden Secrets of Miami.
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