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Order Up: Bamboo Fire Cafe in Delray Beach

Do me a favor: take a look at that plate of curried Florida golden crab pictured above and imagine a scenario in which you can eat it and stay clean. Then I'd like you to please share your findings with me. Because after I was done the savory, spicy dish I was literally covered in crab shrapnel and curry sauce. To get at the meat, you have to first extract it from the shell, which stewed in the delicious sauce. I had to get up to wash my hands two times during the meal and once after, and they still smelt like cumin and coriander for days. But I'd thankfully do it again to get a taste of that curry-tinged shellfish.

The meal in question took place at Delray Beach's most buzzed about new restaurant, Bamboo Fire Cafe. The Caribbean-inspired eatery is the passion project of owners Beverly and Donald Jacobs, a pair of first-time restaurateurs who make customers feel as if they've been invited to dinner in their home. Beverly is the chef and hostess, an inveterate foodie whose Guyanese heritage serves as the foundation for her culinary adventures. The woman can talk food as well as she can cook it, and she'll likely spend hours after your meal sharing her experiences and ideas with you. And that's what makes this restaurant so special: even more inspiring than the home-cooked food made fresh to order is the feeling that you're having a unique dinner experience afforded by two amazing hosts.

But as Bamboo Fire continues to get busier, can Beverly and Donald continue

to provide the same homegrown experience, especially with Beverly doing

double duty both in and out of the kitchen? Find out when our review of Bamboo Fire Cafe debuts tomorrow in Dish. In the mean time, here are a few more pictures from its recent "wild things" night, which featured exotic fish and game such as wild hog and iguana.

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