The Bluejay's breakfast pairs chorizo-scrambled eggs with vibrant green chili.
The Bluejay's breakfast pairs chorizo-scrambled eggs with vibrant green chili.

Order Up: Bluejay's Cafe

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Mexican food and breakfast. They go together like bacon and eggs, Dean and Martin, tube tops and slap bracelets. There's nothing like a perfectly runny egg commingling with some superbly spicy chilies, a warm fresh tortilla underneath soaking it all up. Toss in some coffee and a comfortable outdoor setting and you've got a winning breakfast right there.

Breakfast is the key ingredient at Bluejay's Cafe, a 5-month-old Southwestern-inspired boite on the edge of Himmarshee Village. The restaurant, run by newlyweds Jeremiah Buchanan and Zandra Lindgren, serves a Mexified version of brunch on weekends that includes hits like eggs with green chili, huevos rancheros, overstuffed breakfast burritos, and even tacos and tamales. The place mixes that bounty with just enough charm and modernity to create a pretty outstanding little corner café, where locals can gather daily for some homespun food.

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Like Buchanan, I grew up eating the Mexican-inspired of my home state of Colorado. I remember my parents cooking with so many of the same ingredients: Lots of chilies, potatoes, eggs, chorizo, and spices like cumin and cilantro. I feel like I can relate to the guy: Buchanan may be a white guy from New Mexico, but at heart, he's la Raza. Bluejay's menu reflects that in its dishes like soft corn tacos made with chicken, skirt steak, or tilapia, served three to an order for $8. Chicken wings ($8) are marinated in chipotle - that's a smoked jalapeno - and served with a nose-clearing garlic-horseradish dip in place of bleu cheese. Buchanan also grills tender skirt steak and serves it with red onions and corn salsa, makes tamales in house, and tops grilled corn on the cob with more chipotle and tangy lime ($5). The latter is just the kind of food we need more of in Fort Lauderdale - simple and inspired by tradition, its the kind of hip and trendy bite that you don't need to drive a Ferrari to enjoy.

Read the full review, online now in Dish.

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