Order Up: Brother Tuckers Belgian Beer Garden in Pompano

Updated: check out the full review of Brother Tuckers here.

I imagine heaven to be something like Brother Tuckers, a Belgian-themed gastropub in Pompano Beach and the subject of this week's dish column. I spent much of last week buried in the pub's brilliant version of chimichurri steak -- it took me almost three meals (well, two and a quarter) to finish the short stack of grilled sirloin, each piece pounded tender enough to cut with a worn-out spork. I mopped each bite around the savory jus of parsley and garlic, scooping up a smattering of Tuckers' fluffy mashed potatoes to create the perfect fork full. This being heaven, I had my choice of beverage to wash it down: a tall pint of Hofbrau hefeweizen crowned with a thin slice of orange, the coriander and citrus flavors in the wheaty brew mingling with the lemon-touched herbs. Ah, life is good.

Aside from saintly steak, the monastery-themed pub also serves up one helluva burger, some stellar daily specials, and more than 50 different Old World- and Belgian-style beers. It's the sort of joint you could spend some time in, sampling a variety of brews and picking and choosing from the carefully thought-out menu. The full review drops tomorrow; in the meantime, here are some more pictures.

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