Order Up: Cabo Flats

This week in Dish, we look at Cabo Flats, a rollicking Mexican restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens. In February, Cabo Flats moved into the old Rosa Mexicana spot in Downtown at the Gardens. With the hopes of making Mexican work in the space, they redesigned, putting the emphasis on an indoor-outdoor bar slinging giant, multicolored margaritas for the date-night crowd. The place is boozed up to 11; but does the food match the upscale party theme?

Here's an excerpt from the review:

In most restaurants, alcohol serves as a complement to the food. But at Cabo Flats it's the other way around. The bar is the main point of emphasis in both form and function. A racetrack of lacquered wood and high stools, it serves customers both inside and out thanks to two service windows facing the busy patio. Behind the bar (full of drinkers squeezing in to order shots of tequila and cold cervezas) is a raised "stage" with a wide DJ booth (no human was spinning during our visit, but the tunes were loud nonetheless). The stage also featured one surprisingly tranquil sight: a wall of mosaic tile dripping water into a pool of lava rocks. While we waited, pager in hand, I ordered from the bar before snagging a seat at the gold-embroidered couches in the restaurant's foyer. I took a big sip from my prickly pear margarita, sweet and strong, and leaned closer to my date.

Hungry for more? Read our full review of Cabo Flats online now.

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