Order Up: Carousel Can Can in CityPlace

This week in Dish, we take a look at one of CityPlace's nightspots, Carousel Can Can:

Any respectable Frenchman would probably shoot bouillabaisse through his nose at the idea of comparing West Palm Beach's CityPlace and Paris' cancan heyday, but there are a few similarities. CityPlace sure is bumping these days, filled up with touristy types looking to do some high-stepping of their own. And joints like Taverna Opa are doing big business combining the thrill of carnal entertainment with casual dining. But most important, the folks congregating at the juiced-up shopping mall are all sexed up. Decked in short skirts and sparkly muscle T's, nearly everyone is looking to get liquored and riled and, if all goes well, a little lucky too.

In that light, the addition of Carousel Can Can to that caustic soup should make sense. The French-themed brasserie looks out over CityPlace's second floor, its side-show carnival lights humming like bug zappers aimed squarely at your nether region. It's draped in gold and porcelain, and the whole façade practically sports a pair of fishnet stockings. Imagine if P.T. Barnum opened a cabaret in the Moulin Rouge and you've got a decent approximation of its character. Toss in a menu that makes T.G.I. Fridays look like the French Laundry and you've got a decent approximation of its food.

Hungry for more? Check out our full review of Carousel Can Can when it hits tomorrow in Dish.

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